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RAL Color

RAL  Design System 

Offers color that can be used for any and all design surfaces for all fields from Architecture, Automotive, Interiors, Trade & Crafts, Industrial design, Interior Decorating & Design, Marketing & Advertising, Paint Manufacturing, Fashion and for use by Scientific Color Experts. There are four main categories of RAL: RAL Classic, RAL Effect, RAL Design and RAL Plastics. One may select from one or a combination of  2,628 total colors in the RAL Color categories to select and achieve the color needed. 

RAL Classic 

There are 213 color standards (4-digit designations) offered in this category that are semi-matte: 196 solid colors, 15 pearlescent finish, 2 metallic. These are mostly used by the Paint & Powder Coating & Varnishes, Architecture, Industrial Design & Furniture markets. The numbering system indicates the colors chromatically range (1000 to 9000) from light to dark.  Each one is numerically designated by color: 1000s=yellows, 2000s=oranges, 3000s=reds, 4000s=purples, 5000s=blues, 6000s=greens, 7000s=greys, 8000s=browns, and 9000s whites to blacks. Available in several formats: 

  •    1)The colors can be purchased on Index Cards in solid and/or semi matte finishes
  •    2) Booklet  glossy finish 14 colors per page
  •    3) Fan Decks 1 color per page either in glossy or semi-matte finish
  •    4) Ring Binder in semi-matte finish on single pages 

RAL Design 

The RAL Design colors are used for decorative color design by Architects, Designers, Fashion, Ad Agencies and more to match color standards. There are 1625 colors and color assists with color harmonies that are CIE LAB based color ranged from light to dark with 7-digit designations; all semi-matte. They may be purchased in the following formats: 

  • 1)      Fan Deck- arranged by Hue (H), Lightness (L), Chrome (C) all semi-matte, in 7-digit designations
  • 2)      Atlas (binder) arranged as fan deck above
  • 3)      Boxed Fan set of 8- 1625 colors; 230 colors per fan, 1 color per page all semi-matte 

RAL Effect 

The RAL Effect has 490 total colors. 420 Solid (matte), 70 metallic (hi- gloss) colors that harmonize with the solid colors. Each page shows 6 color harmonies per color family indicating the corresponding metallic color that harmonizes with that solid color group. The solid colors are all water based, metallic colors are acrylic based. These are used in industrial design as well as other industries. 

Ral Color Effect may be purchased in the following ways: 

  • 1)      Fan Guide- 70 metallics all hi-gloss plus 420 semi-matte colors
  • 2)      Fan Deck-Bound Color Samples 

RAL Plastics 

The RAL Plastics System consists of a total of 400 colors. There are 100 colors from the RAL Classic System translated into plastics. The other 300 colors consist of: 160 Opaque and 40 Special Transparent colors. Each plastic swatch is available in 3 different thicknesses (3mm, 2mm, 1mm) to offer various opacity levels. The swatches also show various levels of roughness (texture) from high gloss polished finish and VD 124 & VD 142. Also included is the reflectance curve and absolute values and divergence from the RAL plastics original sample. A protective sleeve is included for every plastic sample. 

RAL Digital Software 

Colorcatch Nano is a colorimeter that measures color on many different surfaces that then finds the corresponding RAL color shade, RGB, LAB, CMYK & Reflective values. It is able to measure up to 5 colors at the same time to be able to recreate any design in all 2,328 RAL colors and corresponding color values. May be used on various Apple and Android devices using the RAL icolours app; license required.